Metaversity 🥽🏫

Universe -> Metaverse
University -X Metaversity

While the Universe becomes Metaverse,
University could not become Metaversity.

Time to think about education in the metaverse otherwise we would end up only with games. During the pandemic, everything changed except education. What about Metaversities?

For beginners, Metaverse is a virtual universe where we meet with VR Glasses and play games (even “feel” it). Buy a virtual mansion, and enjoy a virtual tea across the ocean while sitting on your desk (even “taste” it). In other words, our lives will become science fiction movies. Actually, some have already started purchasing even virtual lands.

Recently, with the hype of Blockchain and the fact that some lucky people became millionaires, I believe early adaptors that missed the Blockchain train are one of the reasons Metaverse gained popularity and is growing. Despite it sounds scary, it can benefit many aspects of our lives such as better education, safe experiences, training for various jobs, and access to tasks that are not normally available.

Living completely in the metaverse can be boring and nonsense as it looks like playing video games all the time; however, studying and working in a hybrid metaverse and real universe locations can be fun and even better I believe.

P.S. Meta, formerly known as Facebook is not Metaverse but one of the main players. See the video the Virtual World which Mark Zuckerberg is preparing.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen fencing in the “Metaverse” with an Olympic gold medal fencer during a live-streamed virtual and augmented reality conference to announce the rebrand of Facebook as Meta, in this screengrab taken from a video released October 28, 2021. Facebook | via Reuters

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Impacted over 15 million lives with social entrepreneurship & technology | Traveler | Writer | Impact Entrepreneur

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Berat Kjamili

Berat Kjamili

Impacted over 15 million lives with social entrepreneurship & technology | Traveler | Writer | Impact Entrepreneur

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